This blog started after i gave my metric exams (O levels), received a really crappy result and had nothing to do but scroll endlessly through my Instagram and tumblr, watching everyone having a really fun summer while i sulked in bed reading away my classic summer, winter, autumn, spring book….. Harry Potter (never gets old!) for the gazillionth time in my life. Now, having a successful blog has been my dream ever since i learned what a blog is. Till this point in my life, I’ve made hundreds of blogs but ditched them after a while. What i mean is …. there have been countless failed blogging attempts before. So even though i suck at writing and that too consistently…… i’m here again fellas!

My name is Maryam Salman and i am a 16 year old (turning 17 in December). I love arts, reading, travelling, daydreaming and this blog is gonna be a little bit of every side of me. So grab a cup of tea or coffee, get cozy and join this journey with me 😊.

With love,


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