Farewell APS Chaklala

Even tho i absolutely hate school but still, i am gonna miss these days. We annoyed our teachers, acted like kids, caused a whole lot of trouble, got punished for it but it was all worth it. We experienced most of our “ouch my stomach hurts” laughs in this school. We fought over food, stole each other’s stuff, hid each other’s backpacks in different classrooms, played in junior kids playground even though we looked like idiots and our classmates and teachers laughed at us. We danced like no one was watching even though everyone was, we cried at our bad grades, showed off our good ones, bunked classes, acted as if we were sick, just so we could go back home. These days are irreplaceable and I’m never gonna be able to forget all these moments. I still remember when @ayesha_nadeem_kiyani saw me hiding a huge colorful lollipop in my bag and she started running after me. Soon all of my classmates was running after me and in the end the lollipop landed in mud. Or the time when i was not willing to be in the picture and @ayesha_nadeem_kiyani forced me to lay on my stomach in school lawn and as i was struggling to run she sat over me. Rest of my classmates followed. You can only imagine the weight that was on my back. Still probably got the picture somewhere but you can hardly see me cause everyone is…. well, on top of me. One of the best traits of our class was that even though we were all famous for making trouble in school but we had each other’s backs. We all were each other’s partners in crime and we never allowed any third party to come between us. Love, love, love you all. May you all have successful and happy lives ahead of you. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

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