r a w b e a u t y

Raw Beauty. It’s the type of beauty that can be found in everyone but not all try to make it the lens they see the world through. It gives everything a meaning and more beauty. It can be found in nature. The chirping of birds at 7 in the morning or the sound of a cricket in lonely nights. The sound of waves crashing, claps of thunder, rain pouring over a shed. This beauty can be seen in the smile of a woman coming in terms with her body or in those tears of that man who is no longer ashamed of crying, it’s in the welcoming arms of nonjudgmental people or in the things going in the heads of dreamers. This beauty is in architecture. It is in those huge glass windows that allow you to look over the city or those vectorian ball room that make you wanna dance across the room. It is in the small cottages that fill its residents with warmth. This beauty is in the cuts on those hands from plucking guitar strings, in that voice that sings without a rhythm, completely utterly raw. In those rainy days that made you dance outside whether it was alone or with somebody. In the dances that were solo you fell in love with yourself, in the dances that were accompanied you made memories and fell in love with them. This beauty is endless. It is in the lonely streets, in your own culture which no one cares about anymore, it is in being “overly-dressed” for the occasion feeling beautiful. It is in the moments when you are a hundred and ten percent yourself and don’t give fuck to anyone else’s words. It is in the voice of that kid who never speaks in front of anyone, in the head of that mute boy and in the dreams of that woman who never got to fulfill them. In the specific rhythm you look for in a song, in the hand written gift cards or notes in second hand books, in the songs no one listens to anymore, in the meaning behind lyrics of songs. It is in the pictures that weren’t planned, in the moments when everyone else thought you were a complete weirdo but you didn’t cared about their opinions cause you were too engrossed in the moment. It is not in the planned instagram posts or those feet that are throbbing with pain because of wearing shoes that you don’t even like but are trendy right now. This beauty does not bounds anyone to follow some standards. This beauty is limitless. It is everywhere, in every moment, from the loneliest to the liveliest but only few look for it.


This blog started after i gave my metric exams (O levels), received a really crappy result and had nothing to do but scroll endlessly through my Instagram and tumblr, watching everyone having a really fun summer while i sulked in bed reading away my classic summer, winter, autumn, spring book….. Harry Potter (never gets old!) for the gazillionth time in my life. Now, having a successful blog has been my dream ever since i learned what a blog is. Till this point in my life, I’ve made hundreds of blogs but ditched them after a while. What i mean is …. there have been countless failed blogging attempts before. So even though i suck at writing and that too consistently…… i’m here again fellas!

My name is Maryam Salman and i am a 16 year old (turning 17 in December). I love arts, reading, travelling, daydreaming and this blog is gonna be a little bit of every side of me. So grab a cup of tea or coffee, get cozy and join this journey with me 😊.

With love,