I ordered this bullet journal from @theblankpagepk ‘s Instagram page on Tuesday and received my parcel on Saturday of the same week. As far as aesthetics go, this journal seems like it came straight out of a pinterest flat lay, really pretty and aesthetic. It has a hard cover with dark and light dull green bubbles, with hints of teal, purple and peach with the quote ” You got this” written in a bubbly font with gold foil. First page of the journal is teal with a pink and white flower in which a quote is written.

Unfiltered picture of the journal. Click on the picture to buy yours

One problem that i had with my previous bullet journal was that its pages were off white so whenever i would paste a sticker with crisp white background it would not look aesthetically pleasing at all. But this journal has pure white pages so that problem is solved.

Overall i love the journal but the only problem i encountered with this journal so far is that it’s pages bleed whenever you use a marker or a brush pen on it. Now this problem is not just with this journal but with every other bullet journal I’ve bought from Pakistani brands. One thing that should be noted is that normally people who use bullet journals like to decorate them with markers or brush pens or even paints. So the paper should be thick enough to avoid bleeding.

Apart from this problem, i’m in love with this journal. This one’s definitely gonna be my go to one.

  • Aesthetics: 10/10
  • Quality: 8.5/10
  • Delivery:9/10
  • Price:10/10
  • Overall: 9/10

Lastly, guys I’ve compared prices of different Pakistani online stationery shops and @theblankpagepk ‘s prices are fairly less then any other brand.

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